About Sea Miracles 

The Sea Miracles Holding Company is the driving force behind various wholly owned subsidiaries in the maritime sector. We’ve been passionate about entrepreneurship and the sea for almost 30 years. It’s no surprise that throughout the years we’ve launched several projects that all have one thing in common: water.


Holding Company

The Sea Miracles Holding Company is a result of our intrinsic passion for entrepreneurship. The establishment of a holding company enables us to better manage our projects.


Business Strategy

With three decades of experience,  we’ve been able to define our take on strategy. Today, we use our knowledge and experience to provide a sense of strategic direction for our projects.


Market Segmentation

Segmentation takes on great significance in today’s world markets. We own different subsidiaries that each target a different market segment to maximize efficiency. 


Ambassadors of the oceans

Whether professionally or privately, we have a deep respect for our planet. That is why we aim to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Moreover, we actively engage in initiatives striving to end plastic pollution.


Sea Miracles is the driving force behind various brands and labels predominantly in the maritime sector. 


As a testament to three decades of experience, the Sea Miracles Holding Company was established in 2020.


Sea Miracles was founded by four partners with different backgrounds, skills and experiences.


Investing in the development of our brands and labels is an important aspect of long term business vitality

How we work 

Our Mission & Values

Sea Miracles was founded to oversee and further develop our projects. We do this with a deep respect for our planet — keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible. Through Sea Miracles we work towards a more sustainable future by supporting and actively engaging in different initiatives that protect and conserve the planet and our oceans.


sense of direction 

A maritime vision for the future

The maritime sector continues to grow and new technologies emerge. We believe this provides many opportunities to create new concepts and develop existing projects. With oceans covering over 70% of the earth’s mass, they’re often referred to as the lungs of our planet. On top of this, the oceans are the heart of our business. By spearheading technological advancements, we work towards ever more sustainable business models. This brings us one step closer to a cleaner industry; which ultimately helps to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.


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Sea Miracles Holding Company

Sea Miracles is a holding company with various wholly owned subsidiaries — predominantly in the maritime sector.